Tuesday 4 January 2011

Digital Humanities: a definition

I know that many have already attempted it, and I know that it people thinks that is very boring to try to do so, but I think it is kind of important as well. 
Preparing the new web presentation for the MA in Digital Humanities at King's I had to give a definition of what Digital Humaniteis actually is (the version which is on the web now is very carefully avoiding the issue) and here is my definition:
Digital Humanities is the discipline born from the intersection between humanities scholarship and computational technologies. 
It aims at investigating how digital methodologies can be used to enhance research in disciplines such a History, Literature, Languages, Art History, Music, Cultural Studies and many others. 
Digital Humanities holds a very strong practical component as it includes the concrete creation of digital resources for the study of specific disciplines.

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  1. One possible comment could be the post of Matthew Kirschenbaum, a nice piece on the origin of Digital Humanities, including the origin of the name (the usual John Unsworth...): http://mkirschenbaum.wordpress.com/2011/01/22/what-is-digital-humanities/