Sunday 9 January 2011

Tom Yum recipe

Yes, I know I promise to post only DH related stuff, but, ehi after the second person that tells me that my Tom Yum recipe is great, I though to share it. 
The initial inspiration comes from a book of Thai recipes from Blue Elephant, then I added a few things myself. 

400ml chicken stock
400 ml coconut milk
40gr galangal (or ginger) finely sliced
1 stem lemongrass, finely sliced
4 kaffir lime leaves crushed
200 gr chicken breast cut into thin slices
100gr mushrooms, quartered,
5 green chilies crushed
4tbsp fish sauce
4tbsp tamarind juice
2tsbp lemon juice

sprinkling coriander leaves 

I also normally add: 
200 gr pak choi
1 bag (400 gr?) of bean sprouts 
2 peppers finely sliced

Put all ingredients but chicken, mushrooms, bean sprouts, chilies and lemon into a pot. 
Bring to boil, add the rest of ingredients a part for lemon and cook for 5 mins. Add lemon, boil for a second (!) then take out from the heat and add coriander (I don't: coriander tastes of soap!).

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