Wednesday 21 September 2011

New Year, New Students, New DHers

A new academic year is about to start, the lights of the old one have not yet faded and not all dissertations have yet been handed in, but we are now getting ready for the new cohort of students arriving from all over the planet.
I'm very excited about this new coming year, I have to admit: I had much more time to prepare with respect to last year and therefore I'm enjoying this liminal experience very much: all is new and sparkling, the reading lists are shining and I'm very much looking forward the new generation of DHers.

It will be a very exciting year also institutionally: we will be offering three new courses within the MA in Digital Humanities which are:

What will I be doing then? I will be teaching Digital Publishing: from Gutenberg to Jobs (Steve, that is: yes, I will talk about iPads!) in the first term and Advanced Text Technologies in the second term: the content of both courses have been deeply updated, but the real novelty will be the new module I'm preparing for the following year: Digital Editing: only the brave!

I just realised this is my second post of the day... my pattern of using this blog is, I have to admit, very random, nothing for months and then two  in day... oh well!

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